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Bob began traveling northeastern North Carolina in 1962.  The area he traveled encompassed 21 counties best defined as the area
bordered by the Virginia line to the north, Hwy I-95 to the west and Hwy 70 to the south.  He worked for a large restaurant equipment
company based in Raleigh, NC  with branches in other cities.

Bob sold restaurant equipment and smallwares to restaurants, hospitals, schools, churches, any location that had a commercial

He would leave home on Monday mornings and return on Thursday afternoons or Fridays. Over the next 27 years, he built a large
loyal customer base and met many others salesmen that stayed in the same towns and motels he did.  They would spend many
hours with mixed drinks in hands, sharing stories about how their days went or what their plans were for the evening.  There was a
wide latitude there. Mostly they’d have a few drinks, have dinner at a favorite restaurant and call it a night knowing the rising sun would
bring another day’s calls.

Bob spent most of his nights over the years in Washington, Kill Devil Kills, Elizabeth City, Ahoskie, Williamston, Tarboro, and
Greenville, NC.

As his stays at each location multiplied, he grew more familiar with the waitresses and kitchen staff marveling at the varied, complex,
and often interesting lives they led. Most of the waitresses began while still in high school leaving as soon as they graduated while
others found it was going to be their life’s vocation.  

He found it very entertaining watching the methodology  they employed with their customers trying to increase their tips.  Many were
pretty, some absolutely sexy and plied their trade well, but many times found themselves involved in triangles or became pregnant.  
Most were average, knew their regulars, made their dining experience pleasant was were rewarded  with a 10 to 20% tip.
Any of them could point out the non tippers and tried diligently to avoid them.
After 27 years of spending nights out, when Bob’s boss had a stroke and Bob’s  first marriage came to an end, He incorporated,  
trimmed his customer base back dramatically  and relocated to the Greenville, NC after his separation.  
Now armed with a real  estate broker’s license  obtained from spending a year at Lenoir Community College two nights a week,  he
made an effort to get experience in the field but spent little time learning the business because his primary business was very
demanding.  He’s also taken the insurance courses knowing immediately, he wanted no part of that field although the management
courses he took were helpful.

He stopped doing business on the private side completely in 1999 turning his attention to schools, hospitals, and churches.
He began his writing career in 1996 publishing two non-fiction books laying his interest in writing aside until 2007 when he began
writing his first fictional novel finding out quickly, it was much more involved than he’d thought but now in 2012 , he has three
published fiction novels. There are two others  in the oven and  the sequel to his cookbook titled, “Bob’s Country Recipes And Other
Interesting Stuff II” has been released..

Bob lives with his third wife
, Diana,   near Creswell, NC in her childhood home.  He  enjoys, writing, woodworking, watercolors, and
genealogy. Since arriving in October of 2018, he's spent hundreds of hours updating the deck and front porch of her 1944 home and
checking off, line by line, Diana's endless lists of 'honey do's.'  They enjoy attending her childhood church and lunch afterwards in
several towns surrounding  Creswell, ie, Columbia, Plymouth, Williamston, Washington and the out banks.

Bob became a  Blue Lodge 3rd. Degree Mason in February of 1965 being initiated, passed and raised in St. John’s 4 lodge in
Kinston, NC After a move back to Pink Hill a year later, he transferred his membership to Pleasant Hill Lodge 304 between Pink Hill
and Deep Run, NC.   

He spent time between 1979 and 1983 giving time back to the Boy Scouts in payment for the time and skills given to him in his
scouting years back in the late 40s and 50s.

Bob  served as the Neusiok Chapter advisor during that period being more than compensated for his efforts when he was awarded
the Vigil Honor at Croatan Lodge’s fall Fellowship at Camp Bonner in 1981.

Bob’s love for the inner (IBX) and outer (OBX) banks of North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway is  very evident in his latest books.

At 79 in 2020, he's still writing a couple of books and year.  
About Bob L Holt