She was back again

John laid the sander down wiping the sweat from his forehead; she was back again. A couple of
months had passed and he thought she was gone for good but here she was again. It was close to
lunch so he walked out of the shop crossing the yard up the back steps onto the porch and into the
kitchen. Samantha; his huge yellow tabby cat laying on the porch; raised her head for a moment
opening her eyes before yawning once and returning to her slumber. The porch roof shaded her now
and other than wanting a bowl of milk; she was at peace with the world. It was early June and John
knew the air conditioner would have to be turned on soon. The oscillating fan sitting on the counter
kept the air stirred and it felt good each time it made a pass. John had just turned 36 last week and the
boys in his hunting club threw a big bash to celebrate. They’d all got pretty wasted before the party
broke up. Everyone but him and Jesse were married and he was so close; he might as well have been.
They spent time together mostly fishing and hunting and before June Ann set her hooks into him; they’
d go out to eat and party at the American Legion Hut on Saturday nights. She’d put an end to that.
John was tall and lanky just over 6 foot with blond hair cropped short. He’d been told more times than
one his blue eyes and sexy smile could get him any gal and for the most part it had; all but the one he
thought he wanted. After throwing together a ham and cheese sandwich; he opened a Pepsi and sat at
the kitchen table. Musing, he thought about Jeannie. She was the one that kept popping up in his
mind; sometimes at night and other times during the day when he was right in the middle of something
like a while ago…Bam! she was back again. He and Jeannie were like they were glued together all
through high school but that all went to “hell on a hayride” when she left for Appalachian State that fall.
She’d been gone what seemed like 20 years and he hadn’t heard anything from her; not one word
since the Dear John letter. He’d moved on marrying Delilah on the rebound but it had only lasted a
year. She was a witch from hell. The only thing good that came out of the marriage was their son.
Glenn and he only saw him maybe once a month. John’s life only had one way to go and that was up
but when would it start. A call from Lynn and Nan might offer that opportunity. It did for a little while at
least but then it happened. Would he ever find his true love? One that didn’t disappear. Was she out
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