27 years old, her auburn hair flowing well below her shoulders, emerald eyes, lips that made you want to
kiss them, size 6; she was a nice catch for the right man and she was looking for him.
She’d been a nurse at Beaufort Vidant in Washington, NC for the past 7 years until 2 weeks ago.
Back last spring, just before Memorial Day, Gary, she’d been dating him for almost a year, told her that it
had to end and walked away leaving her dumbfounded.
Nan, her next door neighbor, and best friend, helped her though it and was the first to applaud when Ruby
said she was moving on with her life.
Googling, she found an ad for a nurse on the outer banks. Avon, she knew where it was. It wasn’t
Rodanthe, but maybe her “Knight” was waiting for her there.
She called and made an appointment for an interview on the Friday after Labor Day. She was hired
immediately and gave her 2-week notice the following Monday.
She and the movers arrived at the duplex she’d rented   with the help of Dr. Covington and Jeannie, the
office secretary and receptionist, a full-blooded, card carrying, Hoi’toider if there ever was one, on Saturday
the 26th.  That evening, hungry, she drove up to the Open Water Grill.
A hunk walked in while she was eating. It turned out to be Randy Bowman, a wildlife photographer. Seeing
her, he walked over introducing himself.
He’d asked her out to dinner on the following Saturday but now, it was Wednesday and Hurricane Isaac was
bearing down on the outer banks.
What was she going to do? Her parents begged her to stay with them in Plymouth until the storm passed
but Randy had fled the Crystal coast where he’d planned to spend the entire week doing photo shoots on
Bear Island and Bogue Inlet knowing the ferries would shut down, he would arrive back in Avon later that
night and she was having breakfast with him in the morning at Stu’s .
She didn’t want to miss their Saturday date but Hurricane Isaac was knocking on her door.