Megan seemed frozen in time and couldn’t understand why. At 26, she had a great figure, auburn
hair, emerald green eyes, and a beautiful smile but it seemed that every time she found a man she
wanted to be with, their relationship would rise almost to a crescendo  and then crumble.
Apparently, her list  of “must be’s to be”  were all wrong for her and she needed to redefine or
reinvent  her list.
Was her life foreordained or predestined? If it was, she was ready to ready to become a part of and
live in her destiny.  She was 26 and time seemed to be passing her by until, by accident, she was
introduced to Gary. No, it wasn’t an accident; she made it happen.
Was Mr. Blue Eyes her destiny?  She was ready to find out.
She’d just climbed out of a failed relationship with a man that seemed to match her list to the letter
but after a year of waiting for him to come around, she ended it after a weekend in Myrtle Beach
when nothing, absolutely nothing, happened leaving her wondering if there really was something
wrong with her. She was sure it wasn’t but if not, what was?  
From the beginning, Gary was different from Rudy. As much as day was from night or cold was from
hot.  Hot, Rudy, wasn’t. He wasn’t even lukewarm. Not in the beginning of their year-long
relationship or at the end. He was a dud!  
Gary seemed to exude warmth from the beginning and as their relationship grew, so did his
temperature. He was all man and she wanted to be all his.