Back in August of 2017, I began this novel confident that I knew how it would end.  I was close
but didn’t realize how crossroads and intersections Lisa would encounter before the final
In Lisa’s romantic adventure with Trey, her Mountain Man, you’ll enjoy a cameo appearance by
“Amps.”  He’s a character from Ann Robbins Phillips series, Sorrow, and she gave me
permission to use him in my novel.
Below is a summary of my latest novel. Yes, it’s a bit long but the book contains 357 pages. It’
s complete now and in the hands of my publisher.
It should be available online in a soft cover first and a little later in Kindle or other e-books.    

Lisa’s Mountain Man    © 2018    Bob Holt

There she was doing it again. Every time she walked out into the corridor or into the dining
room, she did a complete scan looking for him and she didn’t understand why. They’d never
spoken or even been introduced.
At 33, Lisa Ann Tripp was pretty, and yes, sexy too. She was 5 foot-6 inches tall with auburn
tresses that fell on and below her shoulders. Her emerald eyes and   seductive smile   would
make anyone think they were special. She did wonders for a size 6 dress with just the right
abundance in just the right places.
Graduating from ECU, with a degree in management, in 1996, she looked for a suitable job
for almost a year before finding this one. She began as secretary for Ray Brooks and became
his assistant 4 years later when the department expanded. That was 6 years ago.  He headed
up the Plant Operations Department at the Vidant Medical Center. Their complex of offices
and shops were off the main corridor just beyond the cafeteria.
Trey Dulany, the object of her affection, she thought she wanted him to be, worked in the
employee pharmacy, on the opposite side of the long corridor, as an assistant.  
She’d done her homework knowing that he was single, and he’d been in the pharmacy 7
years. Before that, ECU, and he was still enrolled there.  
Why he hadn’t been captured by one of the hundreds of females, married or single, working in
the hospital, was beyond her comprehension.
Trey was about 6-feet tall, dark complexion, curly, closely cropped, black hair, soft steel-grey
eyes and a gorgeous smile. She’d never seen him without his lab-coat but was determined to,
one way or the other.
She knew he took his morning break at 9:30, lunch at 11:30, and his afternoon break at 2:30.
She’d arranged her schedule to coincide with his.  
He wasn’t to be seen in the corridor, he must already be in the cafeteria. She wanted to catch
him in the serving area assuring an opportunity to accidently bump into him. She’d already
figured that part out. She would simply back into him apologizing profusely. There was no way
he could escape talking to her then.

A few days later, it finally happened when she was getting her cup of coffee. The beverage
stations were just beyond the cashier stations and like every morning, were extremely busy.
Waiting her turn, she filled her cup with black coffee and while attaching the cover, backed
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”
Embarrassed, she turned around to apologize. It was him! She couldn’t believe it; it was Trey
Almost stammering, she replied,
“I’m so sorry, I should pay more attention to what I’m doing.”
Smiling, he replied,
“No, it’s my fault, my mind was on a test I took last night, and I should have been paying
attention. At least, let me pay for your coffee.”
“If you insist, thank you. Test, what test?”
“Have you got a minute? I’ll tell you.”
“I’m Trey Dulany and you are?”
“Lisa Tripp, nice to meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine. I’ve seen you in here many times. I think we have the same break
and lunch periods.”
He knew that she existed, she was floored but extremely pleased. He’d never seemed to
notice her.
“I think you may be right. I’ve seen you in here with others from your department. You’re in the
employee pharmacy, aren’t you?”
Had she admitted too much? Hopefully not.

“Tell me about the test, wait, we don’t have time and I really wanted to hear about what caused
me to almost spill my coffee.”
His smile sent chills up and down her spine. It was so calming, inviting, comforting, and yes,
sexy too.
“We could try lunch if you’re free.”
“Yes, 11:30 here?”
“No, 11:30, I’ll come by your office if that’s all right.”
It was more than all right, it was perfect.”
At lunch, she wanted to know all about him.
“Tell me about Trey Dulany unless   maybe you have a mysterious past or are running from
something or someone.
“You’re not from here. Dulany’s a pretty name but it’s not local. Yes, I know that Pitt County
probably has more imports now than locals, like me. All you have to do is look in the county
directory or our employee directory.”

Smiling, he replied,
“Nothing that sordid or interesting about me.  Actually, I’m from Asheville. I’m a mountain man.”
“Mountain Man, what brought you to the flatlands of eastern North Carolina?”
“School, it was easier to get in line for pharmacy school here than other programs closer to
home. I’ve got a little over a year left to get my pharmacy degree.  It’s taken longer than I
wanted but I had to eat, and student loans are not for me.

He shared that his family owned a restaurant on Tunnel Road in Asheville.  Originally, his
ancestors settled in Jackson County, south of Buncombe County near Silva.
She wanted to know more and that led to an invitation to dinner Saturday night.  
From there their relationship grew by leaps and bounds. She invited him to her parents’ home
for Thanksgiving and he easily won them over.
They were seeing each other every possible moment and although she dreamed of a ring by
Christmas, she was utterly amazed when he gave her one the day before they left to visit his
family in Ashville.
During their visit, they spent one day visiting the old home place on Straker Mountain and then
the Watson home place on Rich Mountain.
Trey had told her about it being haunted or that’s what people still said.
“Amps, roams the woods around the Watson properties. Folks say he was the one male
Watson that fled and survived the massacre.  He’d have to be a 160 years old now and unless
he’s a ghost, we won’t see him.”
They did see someone while they walked along the almost grown over path along the Watson
tracts. Trey tried to talk to him.   Mumbling, he answered 2 questions before disappearing into
the thickening fog.
That ended their visit, Lisa was ready to leave. From there, they lunched in Silva before
returning to Asheville.  Their visit to the Dulany holdings near Rosman would wait until
When they returned to Greenville, Trey left for VCU in Richmond to finish his courses before
graduation at ECU in May.  
He was back home on February 15th to celebrate Valentine’s but the following morning while
they were having breakfast at Harvey’s, a call from his father sent them scurrying to Ashville.
His mother had suffered a heart attack. She died later that day.
Broken-hearted, they returned to Greenville and Trey continued on to VCU knowing he’d be
home soon for spring break.
They spent spring break on Aruba with her closest friend, Ginger, and her fiancé, Dan,
knowing afterwards, they wanted to honeymoon there. They loved everything about Oranjestad
and the Renaissance Resort.
Counting the weeks before her Mountain Man’s graduation, she missed him more and more
with each passing day as was determined to drive up one weekend and surprise her Mountain
It turned into more than a surprise. It was more like being blindsided.    She’d driven up on
Friday afternoon arriving about 8 p.m. knowing she’d find him at Nate’s. He   always seemed
be there when they messaged or talked.
He was there but he was with that woman!  That woman he’d almost married just before she
ran off with another man.