This is a novel about a young couple, in love since 2nd grade. It follows them through their trials and
tribulations having their deep devotion  and their little angel  to keep them together.
The sun’s rays warmed the upper meadow and shone brightly on the old home place that Granny Snell
shared so many stories about when Joanna was a child; stories that left her and her siblings wide-eyed
with wonder and amazement. Was it really like that back then?  Why had times changed so much?
Born in 1953, Joanna had been Dale’s woman since  2nd grade and he’d been her man.  After
graduation, they married and remained  behind while most of the others left home as soon as they could.  
A year later, they were expecting their first child but it wasn’t to be.  Tragedy took their son away and it
seemed both families blamed them because of the accident causing a chasm between the families.
Later, still drowning is self-pity, Joanna finally took at job in a daycare meeting little Angelina that totally
changed her life.  Joanna was alive again pouring her love out to her little angel.  
Tragically, a 2nd  accident took Angelina’s mother and immediately Joanna and Dale filed for adoption.  
Little Angelina was already calling them, Mama and Daddy.
Just when it seemed that the adoption would be finalized; a great-aunt and uncle showed up from Mexico
demanding to see her.  It was agreed that little Angelina would spend the day with them at Uncle Mateo’s
but they spirited her away.
Frantic, Joanna called Social Services being told that the adoption was final but what now, their little
angel had been kidnapped.