JD grew up in rural Duplin County, NC.  His first love, Barbara Ann, moved away during his junior year and
dropped out of sight.
Joining the Air Force, he found Jaz on Guam and married her. She was half Chamorro. Her father was
American. He died in WWII not knowing he was a father.  Their daughter, Tori, arrived a year later but SAC kept
separating them. Each time he returned, they would ship him out again.
His absence ripped their marriage apart and she filed for separation.  Mad at the world, he asked and was
transferred to Nellis AFB near Las Vegas and Darla entered his life. She warned him not get serious and after
two, very happy, and wild years, she left to study at Duke University.
Broken-hearted, he transferred to Hickam AFB in Hawaii and met Lisa. Their happiness knew no bounds until an
accident took her away. His life crumbled again.
Despondent and lonely, he transferred to Seymour Johnson AFB near his home hoping to put his life back
together again. He’d been in relationship after relationship but nothing seemed to stick. What was wrong with
From out of the blue, Barbara Ann was back for a brief visit wanting to pick up where they’d left off in high
school but Darla was close by and then there was Jaz.
For Tori’s tenth birthday, He invited her, with Jaz chaperoning, to come to America to meet her grandparents. It
was the first time he’d seen them in nine years. During their visit, he and Jaz spent two nights together,
rekindling a fire that had smoldered for years, while Tori visited her grandparents.   
His life remained in a turmoil with Barbara Ann trying desperately to win him back but Jaz wasn’t giving up
without a fight. She had the advantage, their daughter, Tori. She never finalized the divorce and was now an
American citizen.   Barbara Ann was his first love and wanted, frantically, to be his last.
Becoming a civilian after 20 years in the US Air Force, he had decisions to make. Which way would he go?   
Down Woodland Church Road in Duplin County, or Warner-Robins AFB. Jaz and Tori were there.  
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334 pages:
$3.99 on Kindle
334 pages:
$3.99 on Kindle
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