Entering her apartment, Gina threw her pocketbook on the couch while walking into the kitchen popping the top
off a Coors Light. After two deep swallows, she dropped into one of the chairs in the dining area. What the hell
was I thinking, I knew better than to have pulled that crap. One of these days I’ll finally grow up. Apparently
nobody but her told the truth when they filled out those forms joining those online dating sites. Yes, she was
lonely but not that damn lonely. Hell, I knew when I took the Home Economics teaching position at Jamesville High
School it would be different from living in Wilmington but I needed a job. She had landed the position last May and
moved into a townhouse on the banks of the Roanoke River in early August not exactly knowing what to expect,
people wise, but whatever she thought, it wasn’t what she found. Granted, living on the river was nice but it didn’t
take long to discover she was the only single living there. OK, there were a couple of old geezers that must have
been a hundred years old and she won’t exactly sure who or what lived in 3C. Gina had a degree and teaching
certificate from UNC Wilmington and at twenty-two was ready to set the world on fire but somehow ended up a few
miles from Jamesville, NC living, if you could call it that, in “Roanoke Landing,” a brand new housing community,
Riddick Brothers from Williamston, had recently opened. She found out very fast that what she saw during Haul
Riddick’s tour was one thing but living there was another thing entirely. She already wished she’d been more
selective but it no longer made any difference. She’d signed the lease and was there for the duration of it. She’d
just have to make the best of her “all alone” situation. With enough beer to fortify her spirits and restaurants close
by in Williamston and maybe Plymouth, even Washington or Greenville, somehow she would make it. One thing
she was; she was a survivor. Her five foot, two-inch slender frame with all the right things in the right places filling
a size-six, a four was a little snug, perfectly enhanced by her pixie styled hair, with a red highlight, and blue eyes
presented a pretty nice package…she thought so anyway and all the guys she’d left behind in New Hanover
County thought so too. Problem was there wasn’t anyone in this whole God forsaken place that could appreciate
it but Greg, and he’d told her to get on with her life; that was the total reason she’d gotten into this screwed-up
mess meeting that sex-crazed moron earlier at Ribeyes near Williamston. Why the hell couldn’t she have left well
enough alone? She sighed knowing the exact reason. She was stubborn, impetuous, impatient, and above all,
hard-headed. She had no idea where those genes came from; neither of her parents exhibited any of her
fractured attributes.
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