Darla is a rewrite from one of my early novels.  The story was good but the editing
was poor. I’ve learned a lot since 2011.
Darla  was a spoiled brat growing up in Duplin Co., NC. Pregnant at 15, she fled to
Reidsville carrying her child full term but never seeing it. On her graduation day, she
rode a bus to Myrtle Beach to begin new life. One she found in Chad Lambert. It
was love at first sight, maybe his Beamer helped.  He encouraged her to get a Real
Estate License saying her would put her to work.  She did and he did. She overcame
every obstacle including his sister and her friend. Along with Chad, Walter and
Holly, they formed “Intercoastal Properties.”  Chad proposed but his sister wasn’t
having any part of it, until…  
Bob Holt traveled northeastern North Carolina over 40 years selling restaurant
equipment. The waitstaff, as they’re called now, all had different stories. Some
worked for fun, others because they had to. Some stayed a little while and other’s
made a career out of it.
He also held a Real Estate Broker’s license for 25 years although he never sold real
estate. His Real Estate instructor was Walter LaRoque and his personality is used in
The experiences Bob Holt found in life are the experiences he shares in his books.
They are fiction but the background is his background.