Randy Rouse, at age, 26, tall, wavy blonde hair, business cut, blue eyes, was still looking for the love of his life. All
through high school and college, his dating experiences had been less than stellar. It was better described as
mundane. He’d gotten a few hits but rarely got past first base. Once, he actually hit a home run but the relationship
was destined to fail.
Debra came into his life and he thought that maybe she was the one.
That ended when he saw Del. He was sure she was his Dark-Haired-Darling. Finally meeting, she told him about
attending college in Boone, NC but, come summer, she intended spending it in Greenville, NC but it didn’t happen.
Her family, mainly her father, pulled her away. The summer turned into a two dates and she was gone promising to
be back at summer’s end. That didn’t happen either. Her father had enticed her to remain with him overseas. His
corporation dealt in international land and property speculation and he knew she had the gift. His sons did not.
Ultimately, she chose to join the corporation.
Six years later, still not dating, Randy opened his real estate office and Lisa entered into his life. She was a perfect
“Girl Friday” but with her hair swept back into a twist and always wearing glasses. He had no clue how beautiful she
really was. He thought her eyes were emerald green but he couldn’t be sure.
Finding out that she’d taken the real estate courses, saying that they could study together, he pushed her into
taking the state tests which she did and passed. He immediately placed her license on the office wall beside his and
Glenda’s. She was now a broker in training.
She was plagued by three younger roommates that were driving her nuts but finding a suitable apartment that was
affordable was proving difficult. He solved her dilemma of finding a place to live offering the apartment above the
garage behind his home.
Realizing they were drawing closer and closer together, their friendship grew into love and they spent more and
more time together. He’d pick up breakfast on most mornings and they’d eat together on the patio or at the office.
More and more evenings were spent together sharing an evening meal or just enjoying the antics of Wiggles, her
gray Persian cat.  
On their first real dinner date, he was stunned seeing her without glasses and with her beautiful long dark tresses
finally untethered.
Their relationship grew rapidly leading to a proposal and they were on top of the world until he made a stupid

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