John Williams grew up in rural eastern North Carolina on a tobacco farm. Growing up was mostly,
work, chores, and fun with Jr. and the boys until a game of “spin-the-bottle” changed how he looked
at everything. When Darlene led him into the bedroom, shut the door and planted her ruby-red lips on
his. He was in love. It only lasted until summer and she was gone.
   John was devastated having no idea what awaited him when school started back that fall. Taylor
Outlaw would step in to his life and remain there until he graduated and move to Richmond to find
Their relationship remained intact, although wavering, until she graduated and began her college
studies at BYU in Utah.
Studying with a friend became love and she married Danny effectively ending her long relationship
with John.
During the entire time John traveled northeastern North Carolina he was constantly plagued by a
dream. His high school sweetheart, Taylor, would appear standing, in her prom dress, with her hand
outstretched.   It made no sense to him. Their letters stopped after her first year at BYU and he had
no idea what became of her.  
   He moved Murfreesboro, NC immediately after taking the northeastern North Carolina sales
territory waking up one morning with Teri Ann beside him. She stayed and life was good until her
bickering about marriage and children turned their relationship sour.  
   Meeting Alice didn’t help either; John was swept off his feet by her beauty. She also was ready for a
relationship after a failed marriage left her with two children.
   From the beginning, they were almost inseparable being in each-other’s arms whenever possible.  
The physical attraction for each other was phenomenal.          
   Their weekend on the outer banks was the highlight of their relationship when, for the first time,
John said, “I love you” when he dropped her off after their romantic trip.
   First an accident, then a tragic death would change everything… or would it?  

Alice moved toward him, her silky black
dress swishing below her hips as she
walked on   3” heels.  Her blonde hair
was gently tossed with just enough
tease to allow the fullness of her long
wavy tresses to appear to be alive as it
fell on her shoulders.  She was
bedecked in necklace, bracelet and
earrings of pearl; her sultry blue eyes
sparkled above her ruby red lips.  
Jesus!  John had forgotten to breathe,
he finally expelled the pent up air from
his lungs, while trying to clear his throat,

“God Alice, you’re beautiful!”

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