Bob's Arts and Crafts
Calvin Ray Batchelor (deceased)
Yes, I sketched nudes (mostly from Playboy)
back in the 60's and 70's.
Patricia Hurst 1977
Pics of the kitchen i built in my 30 x 50 woodworking shop addition.  It also had a half bath. The
addition was added onto the old 16 x 20. 5 room tobacco barn located about 150 feet behind
the house. I had renovated it adding a second floor to be used as "Bob's CB -Sales & Service"
back in 1975. My CB hobby had become so expensive, I opened the shop on weekends to help
defray the costs.
This was the most
project I ever
undertook it took
5 months to
complete. I used
NO helpers, just
Condiment ("self-feeder" rack for King's BBQ, Kinston, NC
Awards I designed and presented to my Neusiok Chapter
Chief's. The centerpiece is Indian seed beading
accomplished with a homemade loom. All the designs are
mine. The one below was created for him the year he was
Croatan 117 lodge chief.
Another example of
Indian loom seed beading
mounted on a velour pad
The frame was had hewn
from stock fir  2 x 4's.
An end table I crafted from stock 2x6 and 2x4 fir.
My most complex birdhouse
The finished product of an ice cream bar I designed
for Paul Pulver back in the 60's when he managed
June Day Mfg in Williamston,  He commuted weekly
from his home in upstate NY where this was placed It
was constructed in the factory in Williamston,
disassembled and transported to NY.
A swing arbor I constructed for my new home in 1995. I also
built the picnic table, one of dozens I built over the years
Carving a plaque for my neice at Pat and Perry Grady's
cabin just outside Boone, NC 1983
A firewall pass-thru protector I designed and had built
by Benton & Sons, Stainless Steel Fabricators for
PCMH. (now Vidant Medical)
One of my decoys. I wood burned the pattern in each
one. There could be no mistakes. When finished, each
was finished with walnut stain and 3 layers of
I replaced the single glazed window in the master bath in my
new home with glass block and a decorative custom surround
I crafted onsite  1997
A sample of my many frames I've crafted on the years These
were crafted before 1984.
Another example of mixing Indian seed beads from a
loom mounted on velour backing and placed in a
custom frame just for this presentation. 1982
The inside of my ham radio shack in 1979. My call
sign is  N4GLK. I have a general class license.
Nila  1997
One of the patch designs
I came up with for my
chapter. This one didn't
A rocking horse for Pat Ware 1983
A peacock for the
living room wall 1996
A multi-level deck and storeroom for 506 Dockside drive,
Emerald Isle, NC 1992
My cookbooks
"She Walked Through His Heart Again Today"
will be released in early spring of 2015.
Please visit
One of my many fruit bowls, the contents are
Novembefr 1981 at Camp Bonner during the Fall Fellowship.
I presented Billy Maxwell a plaque for serving as my chief of
the Neusiok Chapter that year. We were both being inducted
into the Vigil Honor that weekend and were preparing to
spend the night secluded in the woods between the main
camp and Coast Guard Point. It was to be a night spent
awake tending a little fire and reflecting on our
responsibilities to our family, community, and nation.
The Vigil Triangle,
I crafted this one and presented it to Croatan Lodge
in honor of Tom Yates (left) receiving his Vigil Honor
in 1982. Lodge chief Ellis Ledford (from our Chapter)
is on the right.
Chief Tim Ledford  receiving the plaque I presented
him with for his service in 1982. The plaque was
crafted from 2x8 stock fir the pic is of Tim in his
traditional Indian costume made completely by him He
was an excellent dancer being coached by Tom
W. R Gay received the first two plaques i crafted in 1980,
The lower one has a beaded peace pipe mounted on it.
A plaque I designed and crafted for Arla Formo to
be presented to her and the Lodge banquet in Dec.
1982. She was the very special wife of Arnie Formo,
the Lodge advisor for many years
plaques and a totem i crafted and carved commerating our
lodge winning the honor lodge honor.
Hill, NC.
Mr. Luther Ledford, father of Ellis and Tim Ledford, was the
branch manager until his retirement a few years ago
This is the largest frame I've ever attempted.  Back in 1976 when the addition was being added onto the house in
Albertson, NC, i purchased my first woodworking tools and began a hobby I still enjoy today If I'd had the tools back
then that i have today, my projects would have been so much simpler.  This frame measures 54" x 34"  and is build
entirely of shelving board and plywood backing for the  pics.  The design is totally mine and ironically many pieces
are scraps from the decorative fretwork that adorned the mantel and cabinets along the 30 foot wall in the den. The
finish i chose is a mixture of walnut and pecan stain with 3 coats of satin polyurethane.  At the present, it's mounted
above the desk in my office. Yes, it's a bit overwhelming but it's there to stay.
One of my first attempts at oils back in the
70's. This is my paternal grandfather, Robert
Plunket Holt. He was the master of Pleasant
Hill Lodge 304 probably in the 20's I'm not
sure of he year.
10 foot trestle board table for Donna and Spencer Ware
The figures were glass-blasted using 200
grit alum oxide
This is colored pencil on vellum paper.
It was titled, "The hell you are!"
My first decoy,  all my decoys are
living room decoys
The figures were glass-blasted using 200
grit alum oxide
The pattern was glass-blasted using 200 grit alum oxide
The full panel is 36" x 60"
examples of Peyote and loom
seed beading
Colored pencil  1991
jMany sizes of my
rocking horses
free-form sculpture of cypress and
walnut. titled:  "Ever Upward"
Woodburning with pigment and
sculptured frame
Woodburning with pigment and
sculptured frame
Woodburning with pigment  on cypress
Woodburning with pigment and
sculptured frame
My first totem in 1979
My only cradle
crafted for Taylor.
My neighbor's second daughter.
A pencil sketch for our chapter patch
Back in my beginning in the restaurant design field, all drawing were done on a drafting table.  These were drawn
on 24" x 36" Velum paper.  All changes with accomplished with an eraser.  The finished product was printed in a
Blueprint  machine, copied and taken to the client. When CAD arrived, all that changed and the mouse took over
easily producing  3 D as well and 2 dimensional drawings.
These are the only remaining ones that i still have copies of
These designs are on seed bead gaft paper. Each squae
represents one size 11 seed bead. The design is then
transferred one bead at the time onto a homemade loom
allowing for patterns up to 9 x 12".
Wilber and i were friends over 40 years  After discovering
that I'd published a book he brought me boxes of loose
papers and pictures asking me to help him publish his
autobiography. I spent a year ghost writing and editing it. I
also designed the cover for him.  It was definitely a very
interesting experience.
All sizes of rocking horses were one of my passions.  I  still have a few of the
This is the Sony CRF-320 multi-band digital
receiver is learned to copy morse code on.
I had to copy 13 words a minute to qualify for
my General Class ham radio license.
My nephew, Robert Jeff Holt has it now.
is my call sign.
Back in the early 90's wood potato bins where the rage. I crafter several of them.
This adaptation is a trash can.  I crafted it for a friend that really enjoyed birds.
This was crafted as the label for a senior project i helped Pat Ware with that included a complete layout and
equipment list for a 600 seat restaurant.
About 2008, He and his mother opened the WareHouse Restaurant in Winterville, NC
One of many watercolor cards i designed for weddings,
birthdays and anniversaries.  Since it was digital, i could
easily add names and captions as needed.
One of many cakes I cooked and decorated. I almost
always decorated my chocolate on chocolate cakes with
different nuts and shredded coconut.
One of my latest projects. The pattern is burned in
a piece of shelving board then painted with
watercolors and hobby paint. The edges and
frame are created using "blind shaping on a 6" x
48" belt sander The backing is 1/8" plywood and
it's permanently glued together.  This piece in in
my office.
Coat hanger and rack from the early 80s